7 Day Car Insurance

Why would I buy car insurance for 7 days?

Most people buy their car insurance on an annual basis . This is good for people who use their car insurance for the entire year, but for those that only occasionally use a car it’s like throwing money away. You can make significant savings by just insuring for how long you need. For young drivers this could literally save them over a thousand pounds.

There’s plenty of reasons why people choose 7 day car insurance, here’s just a few:

  • You’re moving home and want to use a car to move items from your old house to your new place. You’ve worked out  it’s cheaper than hiring the removal people and you don’t trust anyone else to move your furniture.
  • You’ve booked a vacation in the countryside and suddenly realised there’s no train station nearby. And your cottage is located an hours walk from the nearest supermarket. You’ll need to use the car that’s been sitting in your garage for years.

How much cheaper is 7 day car insurance than an annual policy?

Even if you only plan to drive your car for a week, you have to honestly ask yourself if this will be the only time in the next year that you will drive a car. If the answer is yes, then selecting a 7 day option will always save you a substantial amount of money. If however you’re likely to be driving quite a few times in the next year, but not consistently, the choice between buying 7 day car insurance multiple times or taking out an annual policy isn’t so easy. To help you out we’ve provided a breakdown of the differences in the costs between the two options.

Each driver will have a different quote depending on their demographics and their driving record. The cheapest price for a weeks car insurance will be around £40. The cheapest annual policies are typically around £190. In both cases the driver in question is seem as the least risk by the insurer, meaning they are likely to be middle aged and have an excellent driving record. In this case it would be better to take out 7 day car insurance policies up to four times a year rather than an annual policy. If you were going to be taking out 7 day car insurance for more than four times in the next 12 months, going for normal annual policy would be cheaper for this driver.

Things do vary though. Drivers who are charged much higher premiums for their annual insurance will often find that the increase is much less for their 7 day car insurance quote. This is because insurers generally see everyone opting for 7 day car insurance as more of a risk than annual ones, so the difference in price causes by other factors isn’t so great. Some young drivers might even find that they could take out 10 or more week long car insurance policies for less than an annual policy would cost them. The only way to know for sure in your case is to get quotes on both, then do the math to work out which will be cheaper for you.

Reason for 7 Day Car Insurance: Driving Test

One of the most common reasons why week long driving insurance is taken out is for driving tests. You might have been learning to drive with an instructor in their car and have not needed insurance. But you’ve got a test booked and you need insurance for the car you’ll be driving in at the test. You’re unable to use your instructors car, and your parents have said if you get insurance on their car they will let you do some practice with them before the big day.

Rather than spending hundreds — if not thousands — being put on your parents car insurance, why not take out a 7 day policy? It will work out significantly cheaper and allow you the option of what to do next no matter how your test goes. If you pass, you can always then get added to your parents insurance or go out and buy a car and get an annual policy. If you fail, well you can just wait until your next test date and take out another 7 day car insurance policy. The flexibility here is really useful.

Reason for 7 Day Car Insurance: Main Driver in Hospital

If your partner is the main driver, but you’ve both got licenses, it can be hard when the main driver becomes ill. Rather than spending a lot of money adding yourself to your partners insurance policy, or being forced to take taxis or public transport to the hospital, why not take out temporary car insurance so you can drive to be with them each day during visiting hours. It will work out significantly cheaper than the alternative options and is much more flexible. You can often even extend the insurance should your partner need to spend longer in hospital.

Reason for 7 Day Car Insurance: Holiday

Everyone needs a spot of relaxation now and then. And while driving can sometimes be stressful, driving to your annual holiday destination usually isn’t. With train fares at ridiculously high levels, it’s no wonder more and more people are driving to their staycation. But if you don’t often drive and the car is just sitting in your driveway then it would be even more expensive to take out an annual policy. Instead just take out a 7 day car insurance policy to cover the exact length of your holidays. Then drive safe in the knowledge that your car is insured and legal to your destination of choice. If you’re driving to the continent make sure you select the option that allows you to drive outside of the United Kingdom.

Useful Information

7 day car insurance policies are really easy to obtain. They’re significantly less hassle to take out than annual policies. There’s many options should you need to customise your policy. From start to finish the entire process of taking out a 7 day car insurance policy will only take a few minutes. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you’ll be insured. As with all forms of car insurance there is a few restrictions, but even those with blotches on their driving records usually have no problem being insured.